Falling Off The Wagon

Hi everyone!

I’m very much aware I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon and have neglected my writing and dedication to the blog. Rest assured, there is a good reason for this and my love of writing and sharing my thoughts with you all has definitely not faded.

To catch you all up; I got myself a sparkling new job! I’ve recently moved to a business called Chalk Global and am working as a Personal Assistant to the two Co-Founders! I’m sure you’re all imagining me as Anne Hathaway in the brilliant The Devil Wears Prada but I promise you it’s really not like that. Unlike poor Anne in the movie, my boss’ are nowhere near as crazy as Miranda Priestly and I most definitely don’t get dismissed by a vicious “that’s all”.


This does mean though that my days have become a lot busier; when I get home I am pretty much ready to crash out and sleep for all eternity!

“So what have you been up to?”, you may ask? I believe the last time I updated you guys was when I saw the concluding part of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which I’m still buzzing off of by the way!). Since then I have been to Barcelona for my anniversary, celebrated turning 25 as well as celebrating my boyfriend turning 25, Christmas and New Year came and went (a little too quickly for my liking), been to see The Book of Mormon, which was outrageously funny and honestly not much else! So you’ve not missed out on much!

This would be an extremely long post if I were to fill you in on everything individually so I’ll post a few images for you all to laugh at/enjoy!

As always, I hope you’re all doing well and everything in your lives is spectacular! A little late, but happy 2017 folks! 😊


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