The Cursed Child: Part 2

Wow, wow, wow.

Friday night was very exciting. I know everyone loves FriYay – you’ve finished work for the week, have a few drinks, look forward to relaxing or partying or generally doing whatever the hell you please on the weekend with no time restrictions of being out on a ‘school night’. We all love a good FriYay.
My FriYay was exciting for a different reason. This FriYay my friend and I were going to see Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We were buzzing! Part 1 was so extraordinarily good (you can read my first review here), that we were left wondering what more tricks could be pulled out of the Sorting Hat? Obviously we finally find out the end to this compelling story, but surely; the acting, the effects, the staging, surely it couldn’t get any better than what we had already seen? Don’t be so riddikulous! This is the wonderful and spectacular world of Harry Potter, of course it was going to be just as thrilling, if not more so! With all this in my giddy mind, off I went to the Palace Theatre to watch the epic conclusion to my favourite story.

The same rules apply; unfortunately I can’t give anything away. I practically made an Unbreakable Vow by wearing my #KeepTheSecrets badge – don’t ask me to break my promise, we all know what happens to those that do! What I can say, however, is that Part 2 was just as intense, dramatic, humorous and emotional as Part 1 had been. It’s extremely clear that all of the cast know exactly how much this story means to their audience, a responsibility they don’t take lightly. Each member of the cast truly put every fibre of their being into portraying their characters with such finesse and honest conviction.

Sam Clemmett’s portrayal of Albus Severus Potter will totally win you over. Every scene he is in, he commands the stage and wonderfully oozes stage presence. The relationship between Albus and Scorpius Malfoy, played by Anthony Boyle is magnificently portrayed between the two actors – the sort of friendship that cannot be faked. The two characters are like brothers and it is extremely clear to see that Sam and Anthony have a fantastic friendship as themselves and not just for the benefit of the audience. Anthony has brilliant comedic timing and has nailed his character of Scorpius down to a tee. Considering he’s Malfoy’s son, Scorpius is extremely likeable and a very warming character – who would’ve thought it of a Malfoy, hey? Jamie Parker and Alex Price excel in their roles as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. The difficult thing for any actor taking on either of these two roles is the critique they face from the public. We’re all so used to seeing Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton in the roles that for some, it can be quite hard to accept someone else as them. There’s no need for any comparisons whatsoever, Jamie and Alex are both exceptional. Knowing their characters inside-out and both acting with true understanding and honesty, once again.

I am now faced with the sadness that once again my journey through the wizarding world has once again come to an end. I woop’ed, I cried, I cheered and I clapped (rather ferociously actually) while all members of the cast took their bows. I only hope they have as much fun performing this magical story every night as I, and other members of the audience experience when watching it.

As I believe I stated before, horribly, all tickets are now sold out until 2017. Every FriYay at 1pm they have the Friday Forty in which you could be luckily enough to win tickets. I don’t play the Lottery but I certainly play this. One day, surely, it’ll be my lucky day!

JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne have come up with a witty, gripping and heart-warming story that all Potter fans around the world would expect. Massive thanks to those three and a massive thank you to the cast who have ensured that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Part 1 and 2 has turned out to be a phenomenal piece of theatre that London, and I, will never forget.

Mischief Managed.


*how many Harry Potter related puns can you make out through this post?



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