August Bank Holiday Shenanigans

Why can’t every weekend be 3 days long? Surely everyone would be so much happier if that were the case, don’t you agree? For once us Brits celebrated a Bank Holiday weekend that wasn’t wet or windy (well, not too much anyway!). The most part of it stayed dry and relatively pleasant. So, how did I celebrate my elongated weekend in the sun? I’m so glad you asked…

If you haven’t all guessed by now, I’m a massive foodie – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! So, Saturday spent for me was a long awaited, much anticipated visit to Shoreditch’s finest Street Food Feast, yep; Dinerama! “If you’re a real foodie, how have you not been here before?”, you may ask. Honestly, I don’t have a proper answer to this, I just never really knew what or where it was. The entrance of Dinerama is like an old garage; if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings you could totally walk past it. You walk in and straight away the tantalising aromas of all the different foods hit you like a slap in the face. I was in my element! Burger slider stalls, chicken wing stalls, steak stalls, pizza stalls, duck stalls… everything you could wish for! Not to mention the many drink stalls!




Look at these visions of pure beauty! Mouth-wateringly, delicious food! I’ve long been on a quest to find my favourite burger in London, good God I believe I found it here!! Insanely good!! There’s also Bajan chicken wings (seasoned to absolute perfection) and a delightful brisket burger with chilli. Honestly, I wish we could’ve eaten more, there were so many stalls for us to choose from!! It’s okay though, it just means another cheeky visit soon!

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Luckily, Dinerama is now a permanent fixture in Shoreditch and although it will get quieter and shorter opening hours during the Winter season, it really is great to have it with us for keeps now! A perfect day out with friends, family or partners for the chilled out vibe with great food and lip-smackingly good drinks!

Thank God our Sunday activity was being held inside – although that’s not to say we didn’t get soaked on our way there! My boyfriend and I ventured off to do something we hadn’t really done together before. For once, it wasn’t food related. Or even drink related – although these were on offer if you wanted to loosen up a little beforehand. After doing some research I pitched the idea to my boyfriend; “it might be fun. If we don’t like it we won’t do it again”, I had said. Turns out, we loved it and can’t wait to go again! Where did we go? Swingers!

.  .  .  .  .

I see your eyes widen and your mouths slightly ajar. But before you all pee yourselves or have some form of fit, relax, Swingers is a fabulous new crazy golf club in Bank! Bet you feel silly for those wild expressions now, hey. You guys and your dirty minds… tut tut!




We don’t really do activities together, so when I found out about Swingers I thought to give it a try! I booked in advance as I had heard it can get extremely busy. Sure enough when we entered there were people queuing down the stairs and lots of people by the bar. We arrived around an hour before our tee off time which allowed us to get familiar with the bar men! I cannot stress enough how friendly and welcoming the staff at Swingers are. The bar men were super helpful with selecting drinks, especially as I’m quite a fuss-pot with alcohol! Wonderfully, our bar man made me a different flavoured mojito every time I went to the bar, despite them not even being on the menu!



I repeatedly sank raspberry, blackberry and grapefruit mojitos – oh, how wonderful! 100% blackberry mojitos are definitely my new favourite drink. I’ll happily make my way back to Swingers just for those bad boys!

When getting ready to start playing, the caddy was extremely bubbly, full of energy and a great laugh whilst explaining to us how the course worked. You can take it as seriously or as jokingly as you like, but I came here to win, so obviously I had my game face on!


I may be smiling sweetly, but trust me, he’s terrified!


The course is made up of 9 holes and you will be given a score card. It’s simple really, try to release your inner Tiger Woods; putt that ball in one (fine, maximum two, I’ll be kind) and you’ll sure enough come out victorious. For those of you who think this is thirsty work, fear not. If you spot a caddy carrying an iPad, they will make a drink order for you, collect it from the bar and bring it to your hole. How great is that?!

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A wicked day out!! We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves whilst playing, then sat by the car to enjoy some old school 50’s music from the DJ before heading off to surprise my aunty for her secret birthday party!

If you like what you see and would like to visit Swingers then what are you waiting for? Get on their website and get booking, you’ll have a great time! There’s also 3 places to eat inside which will go down well with your beers/cocktails – Le Bab, Patty & Bun and Pizza Pilgrims. Go wild!


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