Colour Me Happy

Let’s start off by me letting you all know that exercise is really not something I enjoy doing. In fact it’s quite far down towards the bottom of my list. So if someone told me that I was about to do the happiest 5k run ever, I’m sure you can guess what I would’ve been telling them to do!

Before I ventured off to sunny Mexico (expect a post or two about that soon!), my boyfriend, his friend and I took part in the Skittles 5k Colour Run at Wembley Park. The concept is to get a bunch of people together; groups, solo runners, children, the older generation, you name it – anyone can join in – and run/walk/jog/crawl/sprint/skip for 5k with every passing 1k having powdered paint doused all over you. Sound like something you’d be keen to do? If yes, carry on reading. If no, read on, I promise I can sell it better than this.

When you sign up for the Colour Run you’re promised the most fun run you’ll ever do. It’s legitimately on their website, so surely they can’t lie to all of us? Closer to the time of the event everyone will receive their Colour Pack in the post. Inside these wondrous packs you’ll find a t-shirt embellished with the Colour Run logo, a sweatband, temporary tattoos, your individual running number (for all you competitive people out there) and some fabulous face paint. This is shaping up to be a pretty cool run already, right?

On the morning of the event, my boyfriend and I met with his friend all kitted out and raring to go.

colour run

We made our way over to the warm up area, which had a couple of DJs from getting the runners’ heart rates pounding and energy soaring, as well as two ladies from Virgin Active leading some fun, aerobic-style warm ups complete with some much-needed stretching. Not in any way serious or competitive, I knew this was going to be a laugh.







What a colourful mess we all are 🙂

After the run, to celebrate there’s a paint festival that takes place. The guys from Capital are still hanging around, keeping the crowd going with the tunes which is accompanied by a fresh throw of powdered paint every 15 minutes. Messy? Yes. Pretty amazing? Hell yeah!

Of course, you can be sponsored for taking part in the Colour Run, however it is completely down to you. Either way, it’s a great day out with friends and a lot more fun than your regular jog around the local park!

There are more dates coming up, so if you want to be involved check their website and don’t forget to take lots of pictures when you’re there with the #ColourMeHappy hashtag!



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