The Play That Goes Wrong… literally!

When we visit the theatre, we expect perfection. We expect to be wowed and in awe of a spectacular performance. No room for any hiccoughs or flaws. Last week I saw a play that was anything but. There were plenty of mistakes; pieces of set falling apart… Actors not knowing their que’s… Issues with the lighting. You name it. It was quite literally, The Play That Goes Wrong and it was absolutely brilliant!


All the things that went ‘wrong’ are actually set up and are the main theme of this particular show. This is “The Play That Goes Wrong” and typically, everything does indeed go wrong. So wrong, that it’s right. The play is about a drama society who decide to put on a 1920’s Murder Mystery themed production, unfortunately for the cast and crew everything that could possibly go wrong does exactly that and so much more. This comedy is so fantastically thought out and the timing is brilliantly executed delivering continuous laughs from the audience.

It’s fair to say The Mischief Theatre has done extremely well since premiering “The Play That Goes Wrong” in 2012 at The Old Red Lion theatre, moving to the Trafalgar Studios in 2013 before opening at The Duchess Theatre in 2014 where it will be running until at least September 2016. During its run the production has picked up the Best New Comedy award at the Laurence Olivier Awards in 2015 and has even had a spin off which opened at London’s Apollo Theatre in 2015 featuring the original cast called “Peter Pan Goes Wrong”.

I couldn’t fault anything with this show. The way everything goes so spectacularly ‘wrong’ is fabulous. You’ll find yourself gasping quite often with a fair amount of “oh my God”s thrown in when you can’t quite believe how the staging is done. My auntie and I were belly laughing all the way through and I honestly can’t wait to go again – make sure you get your tickets NOW!

When you’ve seen this (I say ‘when’ because you’d be foolish not to) you might like to know that there’s a new comedy put on by the Mischief Theatre called “The Comedy About a Bank Robbery” which is supposed to be even funnier than “The Play That Goes Wrong” – if that’s possible! Time Out gave it a glowing review, which you can also read here. If you get to see it before me, let me know how you enjoyed – no spoilers though!



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