Bank Holiday Fun!

There’s nothing quite like a Bank Holiday weekend; a glorious 3 days off to enjoy however you please. Especially when it’s Friday afternoon and your workplace announce an hour earlier finish! Happy days, the weekend can officially begin!!

4pm came and I skipped off merrily down towards Tottenham Court Road (well, as merrily as you can in Central London!) to meet my gorgeous gal-pal for a few cheeky bevvies before our dinner date. After a long week, there’s nothing quite like a good pornstar martini to welcome the weekend.

After our tipple, Melisa and I headed to Cabana. For those of you who don’t know, Cabana is a brasilian barbecue – serving tasty skewers and street food the traditional way. I have been dying to try Cabana for ages but there were only a few openings before and they were all a little out of the way for me. I was ecstatic to see that one has now opened in St Giles (classed as Covent Garden on their website, but if you’re heading there definitely go to Tottenham Court Road station instead, it’s literally a 5 minute walk maximum). I would say it’s impossible to receive a better welcome than the one we had upon entering Cabana. The staff are beyond friendly, energetic and charming without being overwhelming. The interior design is stunning and fits the vibe and atmosphere of the restaurant down to perfection. They’ve gone for a design which that is inspired by the many beaches, streets and markets of modern Brazil. Plus, it’s extremely colourful and I love colours.


* ignore the slightly creepy face *

2-4-1 cocktails caught our eyes when we opened up the menu. Cosmos and Pina Colada’s all round! We were quite literally spoilt for choice for food though. Our waitress was fantastic at recommending dishes for us and choosing which sides go best with which main. After asking for “2 more minutes” deciding time about 5 times, we eventually came to a decision. To start, we decided to try some of the street food. I went for the spicy malagueta chicken lettuce wraps – if there were such a thing as starter heaven, I think I made it there with these bad boys!


They don’t look like much, but they’ll surprise you. I’m sitting here trying to think of the best adjectives that will give you guys a mouth-watering description of how these were but words fail me, they were just delicious.

Melisa decided on the salt cod fritters. Remember, I pretty much have a hate relationship with all fish-related food. Soft and not overly fishy (the non fish eaters out there will know what I mean), these turned out to be delightful, little balls of yumminess. Yep, yumminess.



For the main event, we both decided on skewers – Melisa with the 8oz Cabana Steak skewer, marinated in cumin and chilli (one of their best sellers!) with feijoada fries (sweet potato fries covered with melted cheese and beef, pork and bean feijoada). MMMM! I went for the spicy malagueta chicken skewer with cassava fries. MMMM!




Cabana has very quickly become a new favourite hot spot for food in my books. I can’t wait to go again and take someone else with me – there’s plenty more street food and cocktails to be tried and tasted! I refuse to limit myself! I would thoroughly making a beeline here for your next Friday night out with friends, your partner or family. Perfect for all occasions. You’ll thank me for it, trust me!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other part to making for a great Bank Holiday is FUN! On Monday, my boyfriend and I drove to Guildford with the idea of releasing our inner kids. A day of giggles and lots of fun was on the cards and what better place to go to than Air Hop, the indoor trampoline park?!

We threw ourselves right into the action by front-flipping into the foam pit, slam dunking in the basketball court and star jumping as high as possible on the regular trampolines. Not only were we provided with numerous laughs – mainly thanks to us two for all the falls and bumps we endured, or when you jump into the foam pit and find yourself scrambling to make it out without losing one of your socks – but we also worked up a sweat! Trampolining for 2hrs is thirsty work, believe me.

You will feel like a big kid but that’s the whole point, right? Go! Embrace it and let loose!


Hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday, folks!



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