Ciao Bella!

The sun was shining, the birds were whistling and my tummy was rumbling – what else to do than go to one of your favourite Italian’s for a spot of linner? That’s late lunch, early dinner in my language in case you were unsure.

Bella Italia kindly invited me to visit their recently opened restaurant, charmingly located along the River Thames flowing through Kingston, Surrey. This really is such a beautiful setting for their new branch to open – extremely inviting and relaxing, perfect for those mellow days out.

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With a modern design, this Bella exudes sophistication whilst ensuring a peaceful and chilled-out atmosphere. Colours, colours, colours everywhere! It really is quite a treat for the eyes and rather different to the design of some of the older Bella’s. The staff, who are as welcoming and friendly as ever, were on top form with great service. Whilst change is good, but it’s nice to see the aspects which make Bella what it is remain the same.

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Let’s move on to our food of choice! To start, my boyfriend chose the calamari and I chose the chicken wings. I have to point out, I don’t like calamari so I regrettably accepted that this wouldn’t be a sharing starter. However, after being practically force fed, I concede. It was honestly beautiful. Not too chewy, not too fishy (sounds odd I know, but I’m really not a fish/seafood fanatic in the slightest), nicely battered and most importantly for me, not too thick. Delicious! The chicken wings I ordered were quite the stunner also! Unfortunately, it seems they’ve come off the menu, which is a big shame! I believe it was marinated with garlic, herbs and thyme. In fact, I’m gutted they’re off the new menu, I’d love to have those bad boys again!

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13076826_10154913680915190_3684443122482021045_n - Copy

On to the mains… The struggle to not copy myself and get another steak was a killer, but I managed to resist. Instead I went for a thin-crust pizza, the Carne Mista to be exact, accompanied by a side which has recently taken over my life; rocket and parmesan salad with a balsamic vinegar glaze, mmm. The mister decided on an Italian classic of lasagne with a side of onion rings – he’s a sucker for them!




Of course, delicious meals like these are best washed down with a delightful glass of Pinot Grigio for myself and a manly pint of Stella for the mister. Bliss! Needless to say, we were feeling ridiculously stuffed after such a feast, yet I somehow found my way into coaxing my boyfriend into sharing 3 tiny, individual pots of different deserts. We chose the banoffee pie, strawberry cheesecake and an Amaretto flavoured chocolate one, which is no longer on the menu. Being the perfect size, these deserts were just what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth! My favourite? Banoffee! Forever my reigning champion – try it!


Do not fear! If you’re in need of a little after dinner satisfaction but don’t want something heavy, there’s a wonderful selection of gelato flavours for you to devour!



Thank you, Bella Italia for another wonderful visit! I really could not recommend visiting this location enough – it truly does make for a lovely dining experience.

Book a table outside for a gorgeous view of the sunshine shimmering over the river and enjoy the great British Summer (when it decides to finally arrive)!




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