A Night Away From Reality

Ah, Easter. A time of the year loved by many – a chance to celebrate Christianity, eat lots of chocolate-shaped eggs and enjoy a lovely 4 day weekend! Perfect!

At the beginning of March, upon reading a blog post from the wonderfully, witty Brighton Girl Problems about her relaxing spa weekend at the Felbridge Hotel in East Grinstead. After seeing such a glowing recommendation, my mother and I decided that we fancied our own weekend of bliss and peaceful serenity and booked an overnight stay complete with massage treatments. My idea of a perfect Easter break!

When we arrived at the hotel, we were running slightly late – thanks a bunch traffic(!) – so whilst I made a run for our first booked treatment (more on this shortly), my mum checked us in. There was a wedding party happening on this weekend, the receptionist said that we had been given a suite towards the back of the hotel so as not to be disturbed by any noise. Seeing as our reason behind booking was to enjoy peace and quiet, we were very grateful for this!

First up, the treatments! It’s really not often either of us are ever treated to a bit of pampering, so we both chose hot stone massage. We’ve both had this previously in other venues and found it to be incredible. The heat from the stones is so soothing. For anyone who hasn’t had one of these treatments before, do it ASAP! It’ll change your life. It can be a little bit daunting – “how hot are the stones going to be? Will it hurt?”, are two quite common thoughts. The answers: hot enough for you to notice that they’re being used, but definitely not hot enough to shock you or for you to worry about it burning/stinging, so no, it won’t hurt.


I promise you, we had every intention of making the most of our tranquillity by taking advantage of the other spa facilities; sauna/steam rooms and the swimming pool. However, after being putting in such a strong zen-like mood, Mum and I had absolutely no energy to drag ourselves off the bed let alone swim. Instead, we opted to head to the bar for a pick me up. This came in the form of prosecco and food. Obviously.




Admittedly, we were slightly shocked at the prices for a sandwich or a toastie but I’ll give them credit, you get a lot for your money. Sandwiches are served with plain crisps and toasted sandwiches with rustic chips, both accompanied by a side salad. It definitely hit the spot and was deeply satisfying. Sadly, I then transitioned from a zen Buddha to a sloth in a food coma. We retreated to our room to chill before freshening up for dinner.

We booked one of the restaurants in the hotel called The Bay Tree. Again, courtesy of Brighton Girl Problems, I heard good things about the food here. Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty full from our earlier lunch therefore we didn’t indulge in starters. My mum chose a main of pork belly with mashed potato and tenderstem broccoli, while I chose to go for a slow-cooked cottage pie also with tenderstem broccoli. Simple, comfort food cooked deliciously!


Feeling utterly stuffed, you wouldn’t think we would even be able to contemplate desert. Usually, you would be correct. However, my mum can be quite a bad influence sometimes and in this instance she managed to persuade me to share 3 mini deserts with her. I love my mum dearly and this is a reason why, she knows what’s good for me; those deserts were clearly a very good idea!


Going by the name of ‘Chocolate Assiette’, this dish boasts a choice of 3 deserts perfect for someone with a sweet tooth, like me. Milk chocolate and salted caramel pot, white chocolate and Bailey’s parfait, and a dark chocolate forest gateaux. As easy as it would have been to be an absolute gannet and consume all of these by myself, I resisted the temptation and shared with mum. Mmmm, delicious!

After a good night’s sleep, mum and I woke to a knock on the door, from a young gentleman bringing us breakfast. Every girl’s dream right? Breakfast in bed! Well, they arrived on silver platters but we still ate it in bed, the best way to feel like a princess.



A very cheeky fried breakfast, I mean, as if we’d chose anything else! Just what we needed to prepare for the journey home in torrential rain! I washed mine down with a smoothie shot!


All in all, our night away from reality was an overall success. The hotel was wonderful; friendly staff, beautifully presented, comfortable and not too far to get to, plus you can park for free! Our experience at the Felbridge was genuinely very enjoyable and extremely relaxing. I would thoroughly recommend a visit!

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