Hello… It’s Me;

I am well aware that I’ve been extremely quiet on the posting life lately – again, oops.
In this post, you and I will be having a nice little catch up on eachother’s lives before entering the big twenty sixteen!

Before 2015 ended I had a fair amount going on; I started a new job around the end of September, but more on that later! I also went on a little winter, anniversary break in November to Turkey with the fella! We’d been wanting to go away for our anniversary for ages and as we had missed out on a holiday together this year, this was the perfect opportunity! We visited Antalya in Turkey and stayed in an absolutely beautiful, 5 star hotel called The Baia Lara. The weather was much better than expected, hitting around 25/26 degrees during the day time! Neither of us have ever been to Turkey before but I would love to go again for a summer break and really enjoy the full force of the sun!

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Unfortunately, due to the time of the year we went there wasn’t much to do in terms of excursions. We did, however, get to enjoy the luxury of having an authentic Turkish Bath! I say the word ‘authentic’ lightly, truth is we experienced it in the comfort of the spa in our hotel! I’ve never felt more relaxed in my life – it was absolutely blissful. For anyone who hasn’t had a Turkish Bath before, like me, you might not take the term ‘bath’ literally. Please do. In your swimwear you lay on your back on a marble platform on top of a thin rug. You will then have warm water chucked over your entire body, head to toe. Next come the soap suds! Yes, you’ll feel like a big cloud as you are covered in soapy bubbles! You’ll then have a soft massage underneath the bubbles, followed by a full body exfoliation, THIS IS HEAVENLY, before being rinsed down again and shown to a relaxation room while you wait for the final part of your treatment, an all over body massage. I felt like a new woman afterwards! It did make me very sleepy though; dinner, a few drinks and bed it was!

So about this job I mentioned… I’ve been in my new job now for just over 3 months, which means, YES! I PASSED MY PROBATION PERIOD! I guess that means I can now safely tell you about where I’m now spending 8 hours of my day 5 days a week! The company is called Threepipe, a digital marketing and PR company based in Holborn, London. Threepipe work with a number of different brands such as Leapfrog, Sweaty Betty L’Occitane, Monsoon, Babybel, Anytime Fitness and many more. I am working as their Receptionist whilst helping out in the finance department and the Threepipe PR department, exciting right? I’ve always struggled with where I’d like to see myself in the next 10 years, career-wise anyway. I’d always wanted to be an actress, literally ever since I was a little sprog. I didn’t know what else could be more fun to have as a job. Now I’ve come to realise since starting this blog that I actually love writing. It’s a great way to express yourself and your emotions creatively with the use of words and imagery. Since working at Threepipe, my interests in the world of PR have widened, creating new possibilities for a career path for me. Working here is a great opportunity for me to learn more about the media and PR industry, hopefully – with a little more knowledge under my belt – I’ll be a PR guru one day (watch out Jonathan Cheban!), working with fantastic clients and writing blogs and press releases for years to come! 

This isn’t just any old agency though. No, no. Threepipe are all about enjoying what you do and having fun with your work. Afterall, if you don’t enjoy your work how are you going to make it the very best it can be, right? It’s an extremely sociable, friendly and outgoing company – we have away days every year where we all head off on an adventure (usually with plenty of alcohol-based shenanigans) and bond as a work-family. Last year everyone went to Bournemouth and took part in an ‘It’s A Knock Out’ themed assault course, followed by a yummy meal and a cheeky night of partying. Let me tell you, there were some seriously sore heads the following morning, with some seriously funny stories and photos to accompany them! In December, we had our Christmas party which Elaine (our Office Manager, aka my boss) and I were in charge of organising. Now, most places save the hard work and organise a night on the tiles, but not us. That would be too easy and too simple for us Threepipers! Where did ours take place? None other than Threepipe HQ, you’ve got it, inside the office! Elaine and I sent our fellow colleagues out for some paid-for drinks at our local pub (where the majority of the company are on a first name basis with all the staff, their partners and their pets – yup, every Friday at The George will make you that close!) whilst we turned the office into a funky grotto! Hire a mixologist, some fancy balloons, a magician and a live band, make sure you’ve ordered plenty of alcohol, collect the pizzas, set up a photobooth complete with fun props in one of your meeting rooms, turn up your speakers, cover up the light sensors and wrap everyone in fairy lights – we’re good to go; the party can begin!

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Although it doesn’t say it on our website, a very important motto we live by at Threepipe is “Go Hard or Go Home” – I don’t think anyone went home!!

Shortly after celebrating our Crimbo party at work came my 24th birthday celebrations! My mister, friends and I celebrated at a place I hadn’t been to before called The Sugarcane in Clapham. Despite it being extremely busy, we had a really fun night! On the day of my actual birthday, I had a half day at work and met up with my lovely Mumma for a birthday lunch! Let me start by saying I have been DYING to go to this restaurant for quite literally ages now. I’ve tried to go before with two of my friends for dinner but the wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes, blimey! Shows how popular it is though, right? This time, I wasn’t taking any chances, so I called up and asked for a lunch time reservation for two. Where is this haven I speak of? None other than Dishoom!

For anyone that hasn’t been or not heard of it yet, Dishoom is described as a Bombay Café and has four different locations to choose from; Shoreditch, King’s Cross, Covent Garden and the recently opened Carnaby Street. Dishoom has been ranked number 25 in the Top 50 Restaurants in TimeOut London, number 21 in the Top 100 Restaurants by the National Restaurant Awards and has featured in the Good Food Guide by Listed, it’s certainly not one to miss out on!

The menu is made up of a variety of smaller dishes so the best way to experience Dishoom is to order as many sharing plates as possible! That’s exactly what my mum and I did…

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Make it a must, you simply have to go! I can honestly say that I haven’t ordered an Indian takeaway since going here… it’ll never compare! Make sure you book! Unless you want to end up disappointed like I did on my first attempt! Unfortunately, due to how busy they get they are unable to take dinner reservations to any less than a party of 6, however you can reserve for any amount for lunch time.

There’s 10 days between my birthday and another winter holiday, which means you know what comes next! CHRISTMAS! Queue plenty of drinks and food with family and friends!

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Let’s not forget that with Christmas also comes Christmas Jumper Day! What do you think of our ones at work…

Crimbo Jumper Day at Threepipe HQ
That Hotline Bling-ing Christmas!

Just before 2015 ended my mum, brother, aunty and two younger cousins met up for a day trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland for a day of beer, hot dogs, cider, rides and most importantly, fun. It’s free to get in to the park (I would recommend going during the day if you want to skip the queues) but of course everything inside comes at a price. Let me put it out there, I love going to Thorpe Park and finding my inner dare devil but the rides here were something else! Ones that look innocent enough were the most deceiving, I tell you!

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I think we’re fully caught up with eachother now, right?

2015 has now come to an end! I hope you’ve all had an amazing year and have an even more fantastic 2016! Remember, the year is what you make of it! Live, laugh, love. Be adventurous. Make memories. Do something you’ve never done before. Better yourself. Be more outgoing. Travel the world. Do whatever you want to do!

Happy 2016 guys!




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