All Aboard The Gravy Train!

Us Brits; we’re true carnivores at heart.
Meat is our key ingredient for meals. Whether that’s some delicious piri piri chicken when having a ‘cheeky’ Nandos, a juicy beef burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen or a slow-cooked, minted lamb shank for our traditional Sunday Roasts’!
What do we do when we need to make that all important choice of what to have & when though? Wouldn’t it be great if we could mix & match? Well, now you can…

“What is this?!” I hear you ask?
How would you feel if I told you there’s a great little place where you can have the key ingredients of a roast combined with the key ingredients of your favourite burgers?
I’m not making sense am I?
Take a look at this fine specimen!
The key ingredient as part of a Dip & Flip burger? No, not the meat… GRAVY!
Yes, gravy.
“How does a burger joint combine itself with a roast dinner?”; you can have roast meat (lamb or beef) in your burger!
To fully understand what I mean, you just have to go for yourself.
You start by choosing your burger:
DIP, FLIP or the DIP & FLIP.

I chose the green chilli cheeseburger with bacon & squeezy cheesy fries! Gravy comes as a standard with all meals.

DELICIOUS!! Dipping my burger into the gravy was soo yummy! It added moisture to the burger & was the perfect condiment! I’m a lover of cheese fries.. obvs, I love cheese (you guys know this too well already!) & I love fries… but these squeezy cheesy fries were great! It reminded of me American cartoons when the character squeezes cheese from a can straight down their gullets!

My boyfriend had…

The bacon cheeseburger with an added extra of a fried egg inside with regular fries.. yum!!
I don’t like the whites of an egg, so unfortunately could never devour such a beautiful mess as this. As I can’t tuck in myself, I loved seeing the yolk ooze from the burger when he bit into it… mmm, a beautiful, delicious mess indeed!

Of course you need something to help wash down all this grub! Honestly, given the amount of food I was consuming, it probably would’ve been better to drink water to avoid any extra bloating. I couldn’t possibly do that when I saw what the milkshake was on their ‘specials’ menu… PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE! It’s as if they looked straight into the depths of my heart with that one!

There are two locations for you to find Dip & Flip at – Battersea (well, it’s probably closer towards Clapham Junction way) & the newly opened Wimbledon branch. I chose the Wimbledon branch as it’s closer to me – the staff are great! Welcoming, friendly  informative, especially if you haven’t been there before – the menu can be a little confusing for some!
They’re located a few doors down from Five Guys (lucky or not so?), give them a go! Wimbledon have quite an array of burger restaurants now – Five Guys, Dup & Flip, GBK, Hot Pink Grill… to name a few! But the guys here at Dip & Flip know they’re unique & really hold their own.



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