Welcome To The Pier!

Oh, hello there friends!

I know, it’s been a while.. I’ve slacked on my posts a fair bit lately & I know, I deserve to have my hand caned. But I PROMISE, I come back with new stories complete with photos (mostly of food) which will allow you all to forgive my absence!

A lot has happened since my last post!
I’ve been to the lovely, sunny resort around the area of Sussex. It’s great! Got a wonderful pier which offers an extremely lively arcade, funfair with everyone’s favourite rides (the Dodge’Ems, Helta Skelta and a very spooky Ghost Train), very British fish & chips, very French crepe stalls & a ‘beach’! “Where is this little treasure”, I hear you ask? Mull my description over & I’m pretty sure you’ll come to the correct answer… of course, it’s Brighton!

“What’s so great about Brighton?”
There’s so much on offer to keep you occupied during your trip. Take a stroll along the pebbled beach, paddle your feet in the sea, lounge around on the deck chairs until you’re ready to make your way to the pier!


I haven’t been to Brighton since I was very little – I used to go up with my grandparents every few weekends. After all these years though, there’s one tradition that will never be forgotten…

You’re welcome to eat these wrapped up in newspaper, sitting uncomfortably in a deck chair overlooking the sea but the last time I did that a seagull decided it would rob me of a chip & leave a little white, splattered present on my arm as a thank you… Needless to say, I prefer to tuck-in inside the restaurant these days!

It looks great, right? Hence the tradition!
Once your bellies have deflated & you can muster the energy to walk again, revisit your childhood and have a go on one or two of the rides!

11264848_10154331070850190_3084154061508953456_n 11781776_10154331071045190_6689079852333973081_n

Brighton isn’t all about the pier. If you fancy going for a wander around you’ll come across some really cool & quirky shops. You’ll find these treasures down “The Lanes”; a few side roads off the beaten track.


Choccywoccydoodah! Everything is made out of pure chocolate in here. Including the masterpiece above! ^^^

11754241_10154331072215190_8701236764028709243_n 11227383_10154331072185190_3682835513951883820_n

If you’re looking for history, stroll a little further and you’ll come across a beautiful garden area where the Royal Pavilion is situated. The Royal Pavilion was originally built as a seaside retreat for King Geroge IV it has since been revamped with restored gardens, rooms & you can book a tour around the grounds!

11745866_10154331072255190_6650057259266357443_n 11753698_10154331072455190_1268621830251342777_n


On this visit, I went my mum & brother. My brother lives in Norwich so it was a nice thing for us to do together as a family. Relive some old memories; yes, I got dragged on to the rollercoaster by my brother, while I dragged him on one of the other stomach-churning fairground rides, while my mum stood on the sides laughing at our pained expressions! Just like old times…



familia love!

New memories made 🙂



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