A Grand Weekend!

This was a weekend unlike any other.
After years of talking about it, looking at the website, discussing what we thought we would do there, etc – my boyfriend decided to take the plunge & surprise me by booking us both tickets to Go Ape in Crawley!

“What is Go Ape?”, I hear you ask.
There’s two answers to that question – the technical description or my own description.
I’ll be fair to you & give you the options of both…
For me, Go Ape is about creating new, fun-filled memories with the person(s) you chose to go on the adventure with! It’s about letting go of your inhibitions & doing something you don’t usually get to do in your day to day life. Stepping away from work & your usual weekend antics to try something different whilst having a lot of fun. A chance to perhaps be a big kid for the day; swinging from tree to tree & hoisting yourself up cargo nets – to have some – you guessed it – fun!
You’ll notice my excessive use of the word ‘fun‘ in that last paragraph, but that’s because that’s what you have when you venture to Go Ape – a whole lot of FUN!
My description was pretty epic, but here’s the technical description for you (as if I haven’t sold you on this day out already!)… http://goape.co.uk

Let’s start off with Saturday…
The mister & I had decided earlier on in the week that as it was a nice weekend & I had it booked off work, we didn’t want to waste it! Keen for a few drinks, we ventured a little further out of our usual travel remit & made our way to the http://grandunionbars.com/venue/wandsworth! Why did we choose this particular pub? Well, whilst both fancying going somewhere different, I had heard good things about this pub.
Grand Unions aren’t your bog-standard, typical, South London pub/bars. They’re quite quirky places with a great atmopshere! The best part? It was Happy DAY* (*please note; I said ‘day’ & not ‘hour’), meaning all cocktails were £5 each until 8pm that evening…!!! Not one to miss out, I relished the opportunity & ordered myself two, very lovely, Peach Bellini’s.

Outdoors you’ll find another bar with swing seats, as well as a load of huts that can be reserved for special occasions! I loved it here!!


After a few too many, we left the Grand Union & went for a walkabout around Wandsworth – finding ourselves outside what appeared to be the Town Hall where we sat & watched a wedding take place! Cuteeee!

As if that wasn’t enough fun & games for us, Sunday had arrived & up we got to make our way down to Crawley for our Go Ape adventure! I had been looking forward to this all week – finally I was going to have my Tarzan moment! I must point out that as soon as we arrived at Go Ape, the staff were extremely welcoming & very patient with any questions we had about the day.
First of all, you sign yourself in & wait for your “tribe” to be ready. We wanted to take pictures of the day so purchased a couple of lanyards (well worth it, by the way! Only £2.50 & keeps your phone safe & secure around your neck) for easy-access, photo taking! Once your tribe is assembled, you undergo a safety briefing by a member of the Go Ape team. You’ll be shown how to attach your cables to the safety wires which are consistent throughout the course. When making your way around the course, your safety is your own responsibility – it is down to you to pay attention during the safety briefing as there is no instructor going around with you. Personally, my boyfriend & I preferred it this way – you’re free to do your own thing & make the most of your day, rather than following a group around.


All kitted up & we’re ready to go!

The course is made up of five different sections. The first is like a training zone – you simply practice connecting the correct piece of equipment necessary for the different activity you’ll be doing. After that, the fun begins!!

11698566_10154297157550190_3783161131577020281_nYou finish each section with a zip-line from the treetops back down to the ground! It’s a little daunting at first, but once you’re flying through the air it feels amazing! What’s not so amazing is if you land roughly on your booty with woodchips stuck to your bum – can you guess that was us pretty much every time?! All part of the fun!!

Of course, you need to remember that the course only gets harder as it goes on…

11168915_10154297149400190_1429045750453120944_n 11144449_10154297154940190_8999873118945762354_n 11541054_10154297149860190_1310247511841957651_n There are two golden rules during this activity.
The first one being: don’t be cocky!

For example; my boyfriend seems to think he’s somewhat of a daredevil. Have a look at the pictures below & see if you can spot his behaviour almost getting him into trouble…

"i'll walk backwards", he thinks, "be a little show off", he thinks...

until OOOPS, he missed a step & nearly plummeted... tut tut!!

" i can do this easy... piece of piss this is!", he says...

until the splits happened!!

just because...

The second rule? Never look back!

It can be so off-putting sometimes!

Upon finishing the course, you are greeted with this lovely sign after your final zip-line!


I could not recommend this as a fun day out enough! Whether you go in a group of friends, family members or as a couple, just GO! There’s a lovely Western restaurant to refuel at once you’re all tired out aswell! It’s a fantastic day out & extremely memorable for all who take part! I can’t wait to go again! The question is, which course next?!

11709625_10154297153985190_7382431887121275312_n xo


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