Show ‘Em Your SPARKLE!

Two posts from me in one day? Aren’t you the lucky lot!!

This is going to be a change from the posts I usually write – pretty much food galore, I know! This post is a little more personal & on a deeper level.

A few months into the beginning of this year, I made the decision that I wanted to leave the Receptionist job I had been in for 2 years & start looking for a new job. I decided this for many reasons – I was bored, I wanted more, I was craving change, I wanted a new challenge, along with a few other personal reasons. At some stage these thoughts happen, they’re bound to! I began my search & something came up. I resigned at my current workplace & started prepping for my new role & the new chapter I was about to embark on!

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where the clouds are made out of candyfloss & where unicorns prance about (believe me, I wish we did!), we live in the “big, bad world” where not everything works out the way we hope. Needless to say, the place I was starting didn’t work out in the end. If I’m honest, I was utterly devastated. I couldn’t believe I took a chance on something new for it to feel like it was all for nothing. Now I realise that everything happens for a reason – whether at the time we want to believe that or not.

I’m not one to remain down in the dumps for too long. I picked myself up, dusted myself off & got back on the job-hunt bandwagon. I applied & interviewed, applied & interviewed, applied & interviewed… the cycle is so repetitive. It’s always the same routine – apply, get a phone call from a recruiter, meet the recruiter for a “quick chat” (this “quick chat” usually involves quite a lengthy journey to wherever the recruiter’s office is for less than an hour’s chat), then wait to hear about being put forward for an interview. You will either hear back or never hear from the recruiter again. The entire process can become extremely tiring & make you want to give up altogether.

We can’t tar all recruiters with the same brush though. During my application process I came across an eye catching job advert. It wasn’t the same as the other descriptions I had come across – so standard, blunt & to the point. No, this advert was creatively written & enticing. Whoever the write was, their tactic worked! I applied for the role immediately & found myself desperate to hear back from them. It had been a few days now & while I was receiving calls from other companies, none had made me as excited as the role I was waiting to hear back from. By the end of the week, I had started to have enough of the same chats with numerous recruiters & was debating whether to leave the hunt for a little while for a breather, but then the call came! My phone was ringing & admittedly, I very nearly dodged the call altogether. A lady with a very warm voice answered & said “Hello! My name is Lauren & I’m calling from Sparkle Talent”. YES!!! This was what I was waiting for…

Sparkle Talent is different from any agency I have come across. Rather than call themselves an agency, Sparkle are a “smart & selective recruitment boutique”. Lauren is the Lead Consultant & the brains behind the operation. We got talking about a role that was available at the time & ended up getting on spectacularly well! Far from being like other recruiters, Lauren genuinely cares about finding her candidates the perfect job for them & vice versa – finding the perfect candidate for her consultants.
^^^ have a look on the website ^^^

As a candidate with Sparkle Talent you are encouraged to show yourself off to the best of your abilities – show them your real “sparkle”, if you will. Lauren is the best consultant I have come across for a long, long time. She takes the time to get to know you on a personal level, understand what you are & aren’t looking for & takes your opinions into deepest consideration.

If you’re looking for a job I would thoroughly recommend having a look on the website. Take the time to read what the company is about & I’m sure you’ll find yourself applying for tonnes of jobs on there.

I couldn’t thank Lauren enough for all the support she has given me. Prepping me before sending me on any interviews, offering to meet me beforehand so I didn’t get lost, checking out different travel routes to see which would be easiest, asking for your feedback after the interview & the best thing? You’re never left hanging. Always receiving star treatment, which, let’s face it – we all need during the tedious task of job searching!



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