Dominican Livin’!

“But why is the rum gone?!”
Is a classic quote from one of my favourite pirates & it couldn’t be any more fitting for this post!

On the 12th May my crazy cousin & I crawled out of bed in the early morning on a mission – get to Gatwick, have some much needed breakfast, get on the fancy, new Thomson Dreamliner & make our way to Punta Cana to start our cocktail-filled holiday in the Dominican Republic! exciting!!!

see ya later, bitches!
see ya later, bitches!

FUN FACT; the Thomson Dreamliners’ are brand new planes which are specifically designed to make long-haul journeys that little bit more comfortable (especially for those used to economy seats!). We were treated to a free hot meal as well as afternoon tea & hot/cold drinks, including alcohol – happy days if you’re a booze lover!! Holly certainly knew how to put this particular little perk to good use! Also, if you look on the side of the plane before boarding you’ll see that your ride has his/her own name, ours was called Alfie!

thanks for having us, Alfie!
thanks for having us, Alfie!
aeroplane food has really gone up in the world!
aeroplane food has really gone up in the world!

What you can see above is pesto chicken and pasta with broccoli, accompanied with cheese & crackers & a delicious chocolate & salted caramel mousse desert! OH, let’s not forget my cheeky glass of wine! Believe me or not (you’d be a fool not to, of course!) but it was surprisingly really tasty!

The Dominican Republic is 5hrs behind UK time so it took a while to adjust. We arrived at our hotel – Riu Bambu – in the late afternoon & were welcomed at the reception by their lovely staff and complimentary glasses of fresh fruit juice. Straight away we were made to feel at home.

I mean, in all honesty, what’s not to like?

11170355_10154184675640190_2057858019263757063_n 11067489_10154184680380190_8534718674867011590_n

The Riu Bambu hotel is part of a large complex of other Riu hotels. From the pool you can walk directly across to the beach, take a stroll and browse any of the other hotels that take your fancy. Heck, you can even eat their food & use their facilities – including their pools, gyms, spa, etc. Whatever you’re after, they’ll have it for you. The staff are incredibly friendly although be prepared to keep them at arm’s length, they can (& will) throw quite a bit of unwanted attention at you – you’ve been warned! They call everyone “my family” & can’t thank you enough for choosing to go to the Dominican Republic, it’s a lovely feeling.

I generally always go all-inclusive on my holidays with Thomson/First Choice & you certainly couldn’t go wrong at the Riu Bambu! Morning, noon & evening there is always a wide selection of foods to choose from; meat, salad, fruit, cheeses, deserts, even smoothies! For all my fellow foodies out there, it’s a lot to take in when you first arrive but you’ll soon get stuck in!

Along with the main restaurant you’ll also find four different A La Carte restaurants – Mexican, Asian,  Italian & The Steak House. Our favourite was by far the Italian! We visited that one twice; always leaving feeling utterly stuffed & a little worse for wear! What’s brilliant about these is that you can book for them as many times as you like with no extra cost, excellente!

11262993_10154184681445190_4381589233965811990_n 11219313_10154184681345190_8453563694418893476_n

the Steak House was also delicious!
the Steak House was also delicious!

I’m going to let the rest of these pictures speak for themselves…


what a beautiful sunset!
what a beautiful sunset!


Your rooms are cleaned every day by the delightful cleaning staff. Finally, I was in a country where I was left with a little present each afternoon that we returned to our room…



During this trip, I got the chance to tick one major experience off my bucket list…


IMG_0273 IMG_0395

I mean, WOW. What an experience! It is utterly incredible how intelligent these beautiful creatures are. The fact that some people’s jobs are to spend all day in the water training these babies is amazing – who wouldn’t love to do that for a job?!


I also got to tick another thing off my bucket list…


Something about Holly’s expression makes me think I was looking forward to it a little bit more than she was…

awkward much?
awkward much?

hahahaha!! Poor Tobey!

However, like most good things, sadly our holiday was due to come to an end after 10 scorching hot days of living life the Caribbean way.

clearly we were gutted to be leaving 😦

I couldn’t recommend the Dominican Republic enough! Everything about it is utter bliss – the beaches are stunning, the people are so friendly, the weather is everything you want the perfect summer tan! There’s so much more I need to go back and experience!
Bring on Summer 2016!!

11011525_10154184690955190_1559816470403184879_n 11295629_10154184680590190_1868093852582314125_n 10494645_10154184690485190_4285958625291652871_n11265233_10154184683165190_8884871826840025326_n 11150676_10154184690850190_5327493047810084086_n 18594_10154184676245190_2988100512592002217_n

Definitely have been missing eating lunch without this view anymore…

Until next time, Dominican!



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