Lunch With Jamie & Co!

Two of my friends; Simon & Charlie went for a hearty, catch up with their pal Jamie, who kindly knocked them up a delicious, meaty feast for lunch this fine afternoon in London’s glorious Piccadilly Circus! What a sweetheart is Jamie.

Fortunately, the lads have been kind enough to introduce me to their generous friend and me being me, feel that it’s only fair that I extend their kindness to the rest of you, aww! There’s my good deed for the day! Good deeds will always be rewarded and I plan on rewarding myself ASAP by having Jamie conjure up some of his famous grub for me soon, too!

You might be a little confused – who even is Jamie? What makes his food such a must try? Where will I meet him? When will I meet him? Not to worry, I can answer two of your four ‘W’ questions…

‘Who’ would be Jamie Oliver, of course!
‘What makes his food so “must-try”‘ would be the fact that Jamie is a very well-known celebrity chef and restaurateur all over the world.
Unfortunately, as for the “When/Where will I meet him” questions… sorry, I guess you’ll need to do your own research there. While I might not be able to help out in that department, I can certainly tell you the details of this particular lunch arrangement…

Shopping around London is a sport that needs to be taken seriously. It requires dedication, will-power and sometimes some serious training. Therefore, it’s only natural to need an hour or so away from the hustle and bustle to refuel with some decent food! The location for these two? Jamie Oliver’s Diner (

Located at 23a Shaftesbury Avenue, Jamie’s Diner is somewhere I have been quite keen to try. It’s a nice side-step away from the usual posh, over-priced restaurants that a lot of famous chefs tend to put out there – from what I have heard this is good quality food cooked to perfection and delivered with top service.

Thank you 'Google Images' for this photo, unfortunately I wasn't able to receive a snap of the exterior!
Thank you ‘Google Images’ for this photo, unfortunately I wasn’t able to receive a snap of the exterior!


Simon's grand feast!
Simon’s grand feast!

This beauty is a 7oz beef burger with wonderfully, gooey, mature cheddar cheese, crispy bacon strips, jalapeños and pulled pork accompanied with sweet potato fries… wow! Hats off to ya, Si – this looks delicious!

You think that looked good? Have a glimpse at what Charlie devoured…

Charlie's banquet...
Charlie’s banquet…

This bad boy is the ‘beef bulldog hotdog’ with pulled pork and sweet, balsamic onions slathered on top, eaten with more of those scrummy fries!

I’ve got to give it to them, these seem like some incredible choices! Both have told me they thoroughly enjoyed their food and quite literally demolished all that was on their trays. Well done, Jamie – you’ve successfully filled the bellies of two of the hungriest boys I know!

If you’re anything like me, you’re browsing the menu now for yourselves… I’m thinking either the barbecue pork rib fingers or the diner quesadilla to start followed by the diner dog or chicken burger with shoestring fries… Mmmmm!! Excuse me while I dribble on to my keyboard…

Don’t be fooled by the above photo, they had just missed the busy lunch-time rush and got in early before everyone finishes work!

It seems the boys would rate this as a top spot to try out if you’re in the area and even if you’re not, it’s well worth the trip. The staff, I’m told, were brilliant – attentive without being overbearing and very friendly – alongside good music this makes a fantastic atmosphere for friends, families and couples.

On their way out, Simon spied one of the chefs bring out a dessert that it seemed he had concocted just then and asked to take a photo of it…

I have no idea what’s inside it but I sure hope it’s on the menu when I make my trip!!

I for one cannot wait to go and try the delights for myself – thanks Simon & Charlie for the recommendation and thanks to Jamie for making it happen!!



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