Right, so already you’re probably thinking ‘whaaaaaat?‘.
But I promise you, just pronounce it exactly how you read it. After saying it twice you’ll probably have a little rhythm for it in your head!

This was the setting for my early dinner/catch up with one of favourite lovelies! I hadn’t heard of Rossopomodoro before, but Joan swore to me it was pizza at it’s highest standards. Not one to question; I decided I would take her word for it & taste for myself!

I must admit, I am genuinely shocked I haven’t heard of Rossopomodoro (got the rhythm in your head yet?) before as it has quite a few restaurants in various locations – Wandsworth, Birmingham, Camden, Chelsea, Covet Garden, Oxford Circus, Hoxton and Swiss Cottage to be exact!

The interior was quite cool and funky – quite different from your Pizza Express type of decor!

Wandsworth was our location of choice!

Wandsworth was our location of choice!
Wandsworth was our location of choice!

As usual, I had already skimmed through the menu the night before so that the choice wouldn’t be too difficult!

I thought I had my decision made and firmly set. However, after having another look through the menu I found myself with a tricky decision to make and I wasn’t sure how I was going to come to my conclusion. Luckily for me, when Joan arrived she told me there’s always one pizza that keeps her taste buds satisfied – funnily enough it was one of my two options. That was it then, decision made! I would go for the other and decided I would just simply have to return so I could give my original a try!

Joan’s order was the luscious looking and deliciously tasting Ventura pizza.
mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, parmesan and basil.

aren't they beautiful?
aren’t they beautiful?

Here’s a closer look…

Here’s my final choice in all it’s glory, the Salsiccia Friarelli pizza!
pork sausage, friarielli, smoked mozzarella and basil.

Looking gooooood!!

The last restaurant I went to that served fresh Neapolitan pizza was Pizza Pilgrims, I swore it was the best pizza I had eaten. So, the big question… Does Rossopomodoro surpass that of Pizza Pilgrims? Hmmm…
I have given it some much needed thought and my heart still lies with Pizza Pilgrims! Whilst Rossopomdoro’s pizza was indeed satisfying and very delicious, I think Pizza Pilgrims had a much warmer and cosy atmosphere, both from the staff as well as the mood of the restaurant over all.

Would I recommend Rossopomodoro? ABSOLUTELY!
Get yourself down to whatever location suits you best and try it! As Joan & I were walking out we spotted a child eating a mouth-watering desert – it’s a good thing we had already paid our bill!!

Happy Saturday, folks!



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