From Cymru To London!

I had been absolutely buzzing about this weekend from the minute it was planned.
My favourite Welshies were coming down from Llanelli (I bet you have no idea how to read or say that word! Don’t you worry; it’s a lovely, quiet town in South Wales – “clan-eff-lee” – hopefully that helps!! Although, said with a Welsh accent it’s a hell of a lot different to that!) to London for one of their birthdays’.

We greeted Saturday morning by making a quick trip to Spain to top up our bronzed, sunkissed tans… okay, so the local sunbed shop isn’t quite the same as catching some European sun, but hey, you’ve got to make do with the time you’ve got! Swiftly followed by coming home, a quick change thrown in with a couple of selfies…

and we’re ready to hit London!

Stacey hasn’t been to London since she was at least 8 years old, so I promised to show her around Harrods, Southbank to see Fat Fred (Big Ben as the normal folk like to call him) and all his attractive mates, Regent Street, Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square for a few drinks, before heading off onto Oxford Circus, on to Carnaby Street to hit The Diner in time for 7:30pm.
Sounds like quite an elaborate plan, right? I doubt you’ll be surprised to know things didn’t quite plan out that way… Let me tell you how our stroll actually went; we did indeed make Harrods our first stop of the day. However, us Londoners know full well that Harrods (and Central London in general) is always rammed! After about half an hour, the crowds got a bit too much to bear, so we left to make our way to Leicester Square for a “refuel drink”. Needless to say that one “refuel drink” turned into the three of us ordering party cocktails, Rekorderligs (you remember how to say it now, right Stace?) and double-whatevers in Yates from around 3pm until 10 past 7 when we eventually left to meet my mister & his buddy for dinner!


We reached The Diner in Soho and were shown to our booth by a lovely waiter who bared an uncanny resemblance to my favourite Pirate; Captain Jack!

I’m sure by now you all know that American diners are somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the feel and atmosphere of them, the way they serve their food – not typically placed on a plate, but maybe in baskets or on trays, or platters, or if you’ve ever been to Steam and Rye (this is on my hit list) then you’ll see just how creative they can be! The possibilities are endless!

what to have... oops, noticed my Bellini have you?
what to have… oops, noticed my Bellini have you?

After a solid look at the menu – bevvies first, of course! We got right stuck in…

table view!
table view!


burgers, cajun fries, cheese fries... FRIES!
burgers, cajun fries, cheese fries… FRIES!

Below is one of the many reasons I love American diners… I’ve seen these bad boys in many, many films and have often wondered “hmm, what actually is a…?”

Finally, I have tried a corndog! Let me tell you, these cheeky devils are quite something! All these years I thought hard of what a corndog is, it seems it’s as simple as a sausage coated in a thick layer of corn bread. Delicious!!

Simon wasn’t playing around – he ordered all three of these bad boys to himself and demolished the lot! Big respect, Si!
In case you’re looking for recommendations, he ordered – the BBQ Chicken Burger, a Yankee Pig Dog (hot dog with pulled pork on top) and cajun fries!

Needless to say, the food went down a treat! While the atmosphere inside was fun and quirky, if I’m honest, I think The Diner is suited more towards bigger groups rather than a party of two. Either way, take a trip down there, the food is worth it!

We rounded off our night by heading out for a few more drinks (of course!) and found ourselves a cute, little pub just around the corner from The Diner, called The Red Lion. Far from being your typical, London pub, this place was like a breath of fresh air! All of their alcohol has been brewed themselves – you won’t find any brands here!



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