The end of this week called for a much-needed catch up with my girlies this weekend!
What better way to spend your Friday night than with the company of your boo-thang, wandering around London and enjoying a tasty meal? Not much else, right? I thought as much!

So that’s what I did!


After a long week of training for my new job I made plans to meet up with one of dearest and oldest friends, Melisa. We met up at Oxford Circus and traipsed through the shops for a little bit (trying our absolute hardest not to spend any unnecessary money) before making our way along Carnaby Street in search of a little restaurant we’d both heard great things about. I’ll give you a few clues… there’s not very many of them around/one can be found on Dean Street and one on Kingly Street/they make amazing pizza/they’re very popular… still not worked it out?

I’ll put you out of your misery, shall I?
Pizza Pilgrims!

I’ll be one of the first people to admit that I hadn’t heard of these guys before – I must’ve been hiding under a rock in Stonehenge for the last how many years, no fear though; the heavenly aroma of freshly made pizza coaxed me out. Well, that, or the fact that I saw the recommendation on The Londoner’s blog a while ago.Whichever one you’d rather believe really… either way; it doesn’t matter! The main thing is I found it nevertheless.

You’ll find Pizza Pilgrims if you venture down Carnaby Street and on to Kingly Street you’ll find a little square full of restaurants – Pizza Pilgrims, The Rum Kitchen, Señor Ceviche, Stax Diner and many others

Despite the fact that you may think it’s relatively unheard of we were told we’d need to wait around 20 minutes for a free table, we don’t get put off easily and quite frankly, the smell was way too tantalizing, so we waited.

Once seated, we briefly had a browse through the menu – yes, it appears quite small at first but I promise you you’ll end up finding it pretty hard to make a firm decision. We chose: deep fried mac’n’cheese to share, the salami pizza for myself and the nduja pizza for Melisa.

11034254_10153989476220190_2338037929738620750_n 11034307_10153989477405190_5642187651312592550_n

these deliciously, gooey Mac'n'Cheese balls were filled with parmesan, beef ragu and buffalo mozzerella... mouth-wateringly delicous!!
these deliciously, gooey Mac’n’Cheese balls were filled with parmesan, beef ragu and buffalo mozzerella… mouth-wateringly delicious!!

I’ve literally never tasted anything quite like this before; so scrummy and literally fell apart between my fingers.

Now, on to what you’ve surely all been waiting for… the pizzas!!

my salami pizza, mmm!
my salami pizza, mmm!

Pizza Pilgrims make Neapolitan sourdough pizzas from scratch. The flour that they use is shipped over here from Naples – now, if that’s not authentic then please tell me what is! You’ve never tasted a pizza so fresh! They come in fantastically large portions – I say “fantastically” because you could eat the whole thing (or near enough) and not have that horrible bloated feeling that you do with most pizzas.

my salami pizza and Melisa's nduja pizza in the background, mmmm!
my salami pizza and Melisa’s nduja pizza in the background, mmmm!

 If you can’t make your way down to Kingly Street then you have another option! Pizza Pilgrims also has a van that travels to different areas of London at different times. If you check out their website (at the bottom of this post) you’ll be able to keep track on where you can find it next!

If you’re salivating after reading this post (and I sincerely hope you are, otherwise I’ve failed completely here) make this your next payday meal! You’ll receive brilliant service from all members of staff and enjoy delicious food, all the while enjoying a lovely and vibrant atmosphere.





2 thoughts on “Piece’a’Pizza?

  1. Looks absolutelty fantastic. I am a huge pizza fan and honestly haven’t heard of this place, I must try it out! Thanks for the review 🙂

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