Get On Up, When You’re Down…

“Baby, take a good look around…”

Okay, okay, you got me! I hold my hands up, that is an extremely old and yes, very cheesy song but I can guarantee each of you just sang that either out loud or in your heads! You can’t tell me I’m wrong, can you? Gotta love the 90’s!!

Despite the slightly outdated song, the lyrics ring very true. Would you care to help me finish the rest of the chorus?

3, 2, 1…
“I know it’s not much, but it’s okay. Keep on movin’ on, anyway!”
*We Will Rock You style air pump*

As you might be able to tell from the above videos, today’s post is going to be slightly different to my usual ones. In fact, it’s not something I’ve ever written about before. Why not? I suppose I’ve never had a reason to. However, it dawned on me the other day at work that it doesn’t take much to put a smile or a frown on someone else’s face. A lot of people’s own, personal moods are affected by others around them – whether that be by work colleagues, a partner you’re in a relationship with, family, friends or even strangers out and about on the street.

A lot of people will try to put others down for the sake of their own self-gratification. To make them feel better about themselves. Why? Because sadly, we live in a world where, unfortunately, it’s become alright to belittle someone so that another person can feel like they’re a bit like Disney’s Hercules – untouchable, cocky and pretty much God-like.

It’s sad but true that we all come across these people every, single day. What matters is if we choose to let those insecure, egotistical, sadists affect us or the things we do. Why should anyone be made to feel that they’re not as good as somebody else?

I’ve had a few comments made to/about me and the choices I make, my lifestyle and even my blog itself. You know what? For some time, those people would get exactly what they wanted from me – feeling stupid, embarrassed and irrelevant. Not anymore. I’ve realised, not everyone is going to agree with what you’re doing, accept your lifestyle or like your blog; the only person any of these things matter to is yourself. Of course, you’re a nice, kind, humble person so therefore you listen, take on board criticism and accept advice. Essentially, the choice is and always will be yours.

If you’re happy with what you’re doing; be it your career, your hobbies, your love life, your lifestyle then celebrate that! Continue to progress in all of those things and don’t let anyone take away your shine.

You put that little twinkle in your eye and only you are allowed to take it away.
(If anyone dares to try, the below video may be something you might want to slide their way…).

The attitude you project on to others can make or break their day.

Think about which kind of person you want to be.



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