It’s Saturday night!
You’re in a good mood. You’re lively. You’re feeling adventurous!
What do you do?
Well, if you’re at all similar to me you grab your mister with one hand, your Michael Kors handbag in the other & head off into the night, strolling through the busy streets of London for a dinner date!

You may think this is something I do quite often (and, to be fair, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong), but I had been away from London for the majority of the week visiting my long, lost soul-sister-from-another-mister cousin in Bristol and Wales, therefore a dinner date was totally in order!

The mister and I ventured to Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Covent Garden. This place has been on my list for a little while now so I was excited to give it a go!

We were seated immediately, which, given how busy it was & the fact we arrived without a reservation, was brilliant!

The lovely chap that greeted us lead us to our table up on the balcony (a nice touch!), overlooking the bar area.

Being a “Southern” kitchen and bar, you can expect two main ingredients on the menu – Jim Bean whiskey and fried chicken!
This is a slight understatement. Near enough every cocktail involved Jim Bean. If you’re a vodka lover like myself, I have a great cocktail for you to try – “Son of a Peach” it was called, give it a go!!
I didn’t get the name of my mister’s one, but it was a Jim Bean special!

I’m not a whiskey lover at all, so strictly speaking I should’ve trusted my gut instinct and not listened when my boyfriend asked me to try this… it’s such a distinct taste, isn’t it? He enjoyed it though & as it’s his drink, that’s the main thing!

To start we ordered the “coq and balls” – this is ground, fried chicken and monterey jack cheese rolled together into a little ball, deep fried in breadcrumbs served with a hot, tomato dip – right up my street!!

I must say, the first few bites were great! However, I then found myself attempting to chew on something hard and sharp. Upon spitting it out, I found it to be a bone! Immediately, I asked the waitress if this dish was meant to contain bones. She umm’ed and aah’ed until I informed her that I had nearly choked on it, prompting her to apologise and spin a story that sometimes it may contain bones. Sorry, but I’m not buying that excuse for one bit. The menu gave no warning of that happening (which they should and most usually do!). Her incessant asking if I was alright afterwards and offering to bring over a new one, proved to us that that’s not how this dish was meant to be served.

We left them out and moved on to our mains.
I ordered the mac’n’cheese with spinach…


While the mister ordered southern fried chicken with southern fried potatoes…

We both thoroughly enjoyed our mains, making sure to try each other’s!
This was my first time ordering mac’n’cheese in a restaurant and it was really lovely. Gooey and cheesey – just the way it should be!
My boyfriend’s meal was equally as enjoyable. The chicken skin fried crispy yet still juicy!

It’s worth saying that Joe’s has a brilliant atmosphere to it. The staff are attentive without being over-bearing and the music adds a great Texan feel to the place. Downstairs they even have their own cocktail lounge for after you’ve finished your meal or if you’re waiting and the bar is a little too busy.

Would I recommend Joe’s? Yes. I would. But I would probably advise you to check the menu out beforehand, just for a heads up for the meal choices available!
Sadly though, I won’t be rushing back to Joe’s in too much of a hurry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I tried it – we had fun! The food was good but quite overpriced for what it was, if I’m honest. There’s an additional service charge of 12.5% that’s added to your bill; something I was hesitant to pay due to the bone in my chicken ball. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt though – & obviously I didn’t want a big fuss about it!

The best thing about this establishment is the atmosphere, which you simply cannot fault.
If you’re in the area, feel free to check it out!



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