A Royal Celebration

“No! No, you don’t like a day over 30!”
“You certainly don’t look it!”

These were a couple of the many, many compliments thrown in my mother’s direction over the weekend.
Why the need for such compliments I hear you wonder? Because my dear, beautiful mother has celebrated a rather special birthday this weekend! To save myself a cheeky slap later, I’ll leave her age out – although a few of the photos may give it away throughout this post!

I’ll put it out there – my mum isn’t big on birthdays, well her own that is. I know what you’re thinking; that’s insane, who doesn’t look forward to their birthday? You get presents and food and cake! So this year, I was determined to give her a birthday worth looking forward to! This particular age isn’t one you can just let float on by and pretend it’s never occurred, it’s a big’un! Stand up and be proud, mother dearest!

We started Saturday morning off with me being the first one awake – God must know the answer as to why I found myself awake at 7 o’clock in the morning because I’m dumb-founded! I wasted as much time as possible laying in bed, flitting through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds before making sure I was up to date with my current favourite game (don’t judge me… You promise? Kim Kardashian Hollywood is my latest addiction! … Wait, you said you wouldn’t judge!) before rousing myself out of my comfy, fluffy, cloud-like bed to go and make some coffee. As usual, I was greeted by my precious kitty cat before actually completing what it is I actually got up for and became distracted with her for another 10 minutes, by which time my mum had decided she couldn’t sink into her mattress and hide away forever, and got out of bed. Being the loving daughter that I am I made us both teas/coffees and toast before the exciting event of card and present opening commenced!

It’s safe to say it’s quite easy for my mum to become emotional. Eastenders, One Born Every Minute, The X Factor… you name it, she can manage a few tears during it! Therefore it goes without saying that there were plenty of tear drops on a few of the cards – I can’t blame her this time, people bought some lovely cards and wrote some really touching messages inside. I was beyond looking forward to her opening my present. Ever since I had bought it I was hoping it would not disappoint – I had no need for any anxiety, she absolutely loved it! I bought a stunning necklace and earring piece from Swarovski.

Also accompanied by a promise of a surprise for her the following day, which she wasn’t going to find out until then!
My dad bought my mum a gorgeous pair of white gold, stud earrings as well as getting a few family photos framed and printed for her, which she also loved.
A happy mum is a happy me!

a few of mum's presents
a few of mum’s presents 🙂

Not one to miss out, our favourite, little companion couldn’t help herself from getting involved either…

the left over wrapping paper is here favourite part!
the left over wrapping paper is her favourite part!

After an hour of rushing around here and there, mum and I were finally ready to meet our wonderful family for the birthday lunch. Off we went to Covent Garden to make our way to Maxwell’s Bar ‘n’ Grill. Lunch was strictly ladies only today – que plenty of alcohol and dirty jokes!

sharing cocktail for one please! ... Fine, I'll share!
sharing cocktail for one please! … Fine, I’ll share!
get stuck in, ladies!
get stuck in, ladies!

the family that drink together stay happy together!
the family that drink together stay happy together!

Enough of the drinks! I didn’t manage to snap everyone’s food – eagerness had definitely taken over!!

chicken quesadilla for me
chicken quesadilla for me
followed by a chicken burger & chips!
followed by a chicken burger & chips!
the table!
the table!

I’d like to give a special thank you to our charming waiter who not only delivered excellent service but also brought over a complimentary birthday dessert complete with candle!

After filling ourselves to maximum capacity out we headed into the hustle and bustle of London’s hectic streets! Personally, I found it far from relaxing! Weaving in and out of crowds, tourists and street performers while trying to keep together with two young children and my nan wasn’t an easy task! However, the time spent together was lovely – not something we are often to do very often altogether!

Knackered, we all headed back to the comfort of my auntie’s house for some champagne and nibbles before settling down together to watch The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Of course, a birthday isn’t a proper birthday without the classic whispers of “quick, turn the lights off… Is she coming in yet?” to gather everyone together to”surprise” my mum with our dysfunctional rendition of Haaaaaappyyy Birrrrthday To Yoooooouuuu, complete with a champagne bottle filled with party poppers!

our favourite!
our favourite!

On Sunday, I decided to tell my mum what her surprise was going to be – I was taking her to get a hot stone massage at our local Virgin Active, something we were both very much in need of! It became very apparent how much when our therapist told my mum she was “so, so tense” and that she would “need a hammer” to sort out my tension knots… Ooops! It did the trick, we both felt so chilled out afterwards, wanting to simply get home & sink back into our beds for a long period of time!

"so zen"
“so zen”

I’m going to take this opportunity to once again wish the most special person in my life a very, very happy birthday. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the fantastic guidance and support I have been brought up with. The relationship my mum and I have is truly one of a kind; she is my best friend and most favourite person in the world. A true inspiration to me, I only hope I follow in her footsteps and am lucky enough to have the same relationship when I have my own daughter some day.

Love You, Mum x x x

As always, thank you all for taking the time to read my post today.
Below are the websites of places we have visited this weekend…




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