Bristol Babezz!

I cannot begin to tell you all how refreshing it felt to have a good few days away! That “woo, I don’t have to wake up to an alarm tomorrow” feeling was clogging up my brain on Monday evening. The excitement was kicking in and I was pretty much bursting for some fun, quality laughs and a little adventure. The way I am bigging this up, you must all be thinking I was heading off to somewhere exotic; where I would be taking part in various adrenaline-junkie style activities, having cocktails served to me on a silver tray whilst I kick back and relaxed with my music playing and taking in a beautiful view… But no. Nothing quite as extravagant as the other worldly imagine I just painted for you all, but it was good enough for me – I was on my way to Bristol and Wales to visit my long-lost, soul sister/cousin!

As soon as I turned on the Out-of-Office reply for my emails at work (or perhaps before I even got in to work), I am not going to lie – I was in full on “holiday mode”. I’m not travelling across the Atlantic, but who doesn’t look forward to some time off work and being somewhere different? I arrived in to Bristol on Tuesday afternoon and was met by my cousin, picking me up in style with her new, sporty BMW – don’t ask me what type it is, I’m useless with cars. Put it this way; she’s called it “The White Knight” and he’s a handsome gent – even hands your seatbelt over to you! Such a charmer! Once getting back to her new place and unloading my bags and popping in to her work for a quick hello, we set off to do what we do best – get food! There’s a pub local to her that we decided to pop in to for an easy dinner – sorry folks, the name has completely vanished from my brain! It was just the environment we needed – a chilled drink and proper pub-grub was in order! I didn’t bother taking a photo of my dinner – I ordered a burger with curly fries. My cousin, however, went for the big’un! Below is the size of her hot dog – it boasts a whopping 12 yards of sausage (leave your dirty jokes in your heads, cheers!), with chilli con carne slobbered all over it! It was beastly!


After a good few minutes of trying to work out the most tactical way of devouring this bad boy, we thought this was the best way…

Just get stuck in!! As you can see – she loved it!! Did I mention she also had curly fries? We’re food lovers!

You know at the beginning of this post – you know, when I made references to “adrenaline-junkie style activitiesies”? Well, I did do something along those lines… Cruising along the M4 making our way to Wales was just that! What do you mean that’s not an adrenaline-junkie style activity? I’ll have you know that the world leaders were making their way to Wales at the very same time we were – they were speeding along the M4 with police escorts, there were police stationed on every bridge, in the river underneath the Seven Bridge, all over the place! S*** was getting real! We took the matter seriously though; beeping the horn and waving avidly every time they went past… You never know, Obama could have seen us! Why Wales? Because that’s where my cousin is from and we have family and an oversized Andrex-puppy to be visiting! I haven’t been in Wales and seen these guys for so, so long – I can’t even count the years, so being able to catch up was great!


he wanted my sandwich... not happening, mate!
he wanted my sandwich… not happening, mate!


he loves a stick!
Jordi loves a stick! Or a branch… whatever you want to call it!


Of course, a trip to Swansea was in order! My younger cousin told me about a restaurant that would “blow my mind”. Never one to turn down an offer of discovering a new restaurant, off we went to Swansea for a little day trip! I was lead to a place called The Smoke Haus. The Smoke Haus is an American diner serving huge portions of food, masses of meat and apparently even has a “Man VS Food” style challenge that is, and I quote – “not for the faint hearted”. We made our way inside and found it to be themed in a rock and roll style. Stalls and booths for seating, a large circular staircase in the middle of the ground floor and a fully stocked bar – this place was already in my good books! We sat down and were given a basket of complimentary popcorn whilst we browsed the menu. That challenge I mentioned? Get this – it is called the 6 6 6 Challenge; you have to eat 6 of their extra hot, spicy wings within 6 minutes, with an after-burn of 6 minutes that you have to sit through… wow! If you’re successful you get the honour of having your name and photo placed on their “Wall of Flame” and receive an “I Beat The Smoke Haus Challenge” t-shirt! Adam Richman – are you up for it?! Our orders were:

Holly – the Southern Comfort burger, with cheese fries!
Stacey – the Smoke Haus Pulled Pork Hoagie, also with cheese fries!
Me – butterflied breast of crispy Kansa chicken, again with cheese fries! Stacey and I both had Oreo milkshakes too!

Don’t look shocked. You all know I love cheese – I guess it runs in the family! Get ready for the photos…

Holly's Southern Comfort burger; cheeseburger topped with coated chicken breast, bacon, fried onions and garlic mayo... oh, and an extra bit of chicken on top, in case you missed it!
Holly’s Southern Comfort burger; cheeseburger topped with coated chicken breast, bacon, fried onions and garlic mayo… oh, and an extra bit of chicken on top, in case you missed it!

Let’s get a close up of that burger…

image (12)

Stacey's Pulled Pork Hoagie sandwich; slow roasted pulled pork, with dry slaw, lettuce and apple sauce on the side!
Stacey’s Pulled Pork Hoagie sandwich; slow roasted pulled pork, with dry slaw, lettuce and apple sauce on the side!
my kansa fried butterflied chicken breast!
my Kansas fried, butterflied chicken breast!
of course, the Oreo milkshake!
of course, the Oreo milkshake!

As you can see, forget the 6 6 6 Challenge, these were a challenge themselves! Unfortunately though, in the battle of Us VS Food, food did come out victorious 😦


That night, Holly & I dragged ourselves (belly’s still crammed) into the car to make our journey back to Bristol! It was time to big my farewells to my cousins and my new fluffy buddy, with a big “see you next time, Llanelli”!

Bye Jordi boy!
he got camera shy!

Friday, Holly and I made our way into Bristol town for our last full day off! In the town centre, after a few wrong turns we managed to find our way to Cabot Circus – Bristol’s answer to Oxford Street! We explored and shopped, made our way in to Wagamama’s for a late lunch, then went for a few cocktails along the waterfront. Bristol has such a fun and chilled vibe to it. Everyone is mellow, easy going and friendly! Another bonus? I saw my first Banksy graffiti! I was very excited!


obligatory selfie before the day begins!
obligatory selfie before the day begins!
we get a little silly after a few cocktails...
we get a little silly after a few cocktails…
Bristol town!
Bristol town!


I had such a good time away! As I said, Bristol honestly is such a cool place – getting out of what you’re used to is always going to be a good idea! I’m already planning my next visit!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guys! If any of you are ever in Swansea/Cardiff, pop in to The Smoke Haus – perhaps you could even get your name up on the “Wall of Flame”!!



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