A Fun Distraction

It’s kind of difficult to write a positive and vibrant post about a weekend that held so many different emotions for me. I’ve had a rough few weeks & my emotions have been quite distressed as of late… However, I have a job to do here; to paint a masterpiece picture inside all of your heads, so let’s begin shall we…

I needed heavily distracting from my private life this weekend. I needed my friends, my family and lots of things to do. Thankfully, one of my oldest and best friends, Melisa, was on hand & more than happy to spend the day catching up, shopping, eating, driving, singing, laughing, chatting and sometimes even being the calm voice of reason for me. We decided we would start the day early(ish). I picked Melisa up at 12pm & we made our way to Kingston. I know what you’re all thinking, “Kingston? Well, that’s not exactly thrilling..”, & you’d be right. However, it’s local & easy enough to drive to without any confusion – plus, it’s got everything we needed!

Our first visit was to a new milkshake place called SLBENDED! It’s like Shakeaway in the sense that it has literally every chocolate imaginable to turn into a lush, creamy milkshake. Melisa dove in & ordered her milkybar shake (yum!), whilst I went for my current favourite craving – crunchy M&M’s! Oh, I also decided to add a few extra ones on top… What? You get what you pay for, right?

We then made our way into the Bental Centre with the intention of arming ourselves with brand new, shiny, glamorous make up – sorry guys, only the girl readers out there will fully be able to appreciate this paragraph. Feel free to hum a little tune in your head for the next minute or so! Anyway, we made our way to the bareMinerals concession as I had seen on their website that they have a new liquid foundation coming out – something I was extremely excited about! I have to say, don’t bother girls. I don’t want to be blunt about it but it was useless and pointless me even going as apparently neither the foundation nor the brush are even available to buy yet! I was quite unimpressed with the foundation – it doesn’t give much coverage at all & the ‘artist’ applying it was not doing it or the brand any justice. Not to dismiss it altogether, I put my name down on the waiting list (that’s right, they have a waiting list. For a foundation. Of over 100 people. Yup.) and moved away from the stand. Melisa was quite keen to try a brand I had been interested in for a while, NARS. I must say, the comparison is extraordinary! The lady that served me at the bareMinerals counter wasn’t very helpful & if I’m honest didn’t really know what she was talking about. The lady at NARS however was fantastic! Her name was Faye & she was extremely helpful in advising my friend on products for her skin tone, complexion, etc. Once Faye had worked her magic, Melisa was glowing – she was beyond impressed with the results, so was I! It was my turn… I told Faye about the lady at bareMinerals and how I’ve usually bought MAC or Benefit but need something that will give me a natural yet photo finished look. I came away with over a £100-worth of goodies – ladies, I would highly recommend this brand!

Welcome back, boys! I’m moving on to the food now. Now that I have your attention, let’s go…

I’m a sucker for a Wagamama’s katus curry. I am. There’s no denying it. Everything from the fresh red pickles, to the soft sticky rice tickles my fancy! However, we knew we would be eating out that night & didn’t think we’d be able to stomach two big meals – as much as we would’ve liked to have tried! Melisa told me of a new Japanese pop up place down by the station, so we decided to give it a go. This heavenly find is called Kokoro. We both ordered a small pot chicken katsu curry with rice. I say the word “small” very lightly, I had to kindly let the gent serving me know that there was more than enough in the bowl for me to eat. Let me make this quite clear: it is deeeeee-lish-ous! Honestly, delicious and basic, which is perfect if (like me) you can’t be bothered with the hassle of picking out garlic & onions & god knows what else from your food. Give it a go, it was awesome!! I think there are a few branches around too, so take your pick!

Kokoro Katsu Curry!

As the evening drew in and our katsu’s had plenty of time to digest, we made our way to The Hot Pink Grill. Wimbledon is currently the only home to this new, healthy restaurant – we spoke to the staff though, it seems they are planning an expansion and next on their hit list is one of London’s finest hot spots – Soho! The Hot Pink Grill boasts on it’s website about their food being “simple, healthy and fun”. It was time for Melisa & I to see if they can deliver the goods! When we arrived, we were both disappointed by the amount of time it took for us to be seated. Plenty of the staff saw us standing by the door rather uncomfortably next to a couple trying to peacefully devour their food, yet we didn’t feel acknowledged. Once we were seated, our waitor gave us a brief description of how the menu works before promising to bring us a jug of water and return to take our orders. No lie, we were waiting for around 15 minutes before we even saw our waitor return back to the section we (and many others) were seated in. Once he arrived, we placed our orders and sat patiently waiting for the food to arrive.

Inside The Hot Pink Grill

I’ve mentioned many, many, many, manyyyyy times in recent posts of my love for cheese. I’ve also said I know it’s naughty & cheeky & sinful & all other things that are wrong but I DON’T CARE. I don’t care because we went ahead and ordered the halloumi bites to share regardless. They were heavenly, duh, what else is new? I ordered the chicken skewers and a side of sweet potato wedges as my main, while Melisa opted for a delicious looking burger, adding american cheese & bacon to the mix, with curly fries – yum!!

I got too excited about the halloumi & forgot a picture at the beginning.. you get the jist though!
Melisa’s Order!
My Order!

I would 100& visit The Hot Pink Grill again. Despite the service being rather slow at times, the staff made up for it their fun attitudes with each other & the customers, creating a great atmosphere & of course, the delicious food!

Below are the websites for all places visited by Melisa & I… Check them out!!


Thanks for reading everyone! 🙂


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