MEAT & nothing but!

My boyfriend and I decided to have a day out around London this weekend. Both needing to do various bits of shopping and generally wanting to make a change from the usually places we go, we thought this would be a nice day out.


If any of you have been fortunate enough to wander long enough down from Oxford Street onto Bond Street, weaving in and out of the crowds, through the many tourists, dogs, bicycles, unicorns and whatever else we find on the manic streets of London, after a few twists and turns (perhaps a few wrong turns, if you’re anything like me!) you will have found Welbeck Street. This is the home to my new favourite burger joint – MEATliqour.

This place is not for the faint hearted. If you’re a hardcore vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian or the shy and reserved type – STEP AWAY! Turn around, walk in any opposite direction you can find and carry on until you’re back to wherever your happy place may be – Pret, Wasabi, Costa, Mango, Topshop, wherever! Just find it and stay there, this place is not for you!

From the outside, you wouldn’t really know what to expect – unless you’re one of those sad people that spends a certain amount of time a day googling restaurants and their menus simply because food is constantly on your mind (not me! Of course not me! Moving on…), in which case you would definitely already know what you’re in for.

MEATliqour! I forgot to take a photo of the outside, so here's one courtesy of Google Images!
I forgot to take a photo of the outside, so here’s one courtesy of Google Images!

It appears to be just an average building with MEAT written in orange letters above the door. Nothing too intimidating. Just wait until you get inside…

The Ceiling

The ceiling is all I managed to snap without making myself look like a total weirdo taking photos of walls and what have you! However, you can all see for yourselves that this is quite unlike anywhere you’ve probably been before. The walls are decorated with tattoo-looking designs of women with their breasts on display, smears of red paint giving a blood effect spread across the walls and glass panels, various drawings of cows and of course, the word MEAT can be spotted a fair few times. It’s almost as if you’re sitting in some sort of urban gallery – I found it brilliant, to be honest. I loved how it added to the theme and atmosphere of the restaurant. In the middle of the centre seating area there is a photobooth that guests are able to use as a sort of momento of their experience – again, I thought this was ace and was keen to get a few snaps myself, however it’s £3 a go and unfortunately both my boyfriend and I were fresh out of change.. #sadface. There’s always next time though!!

After being seated and ordering two Cokes (we were both trying to decide on a cocktail of some sort, but the list is quite extensive and the lighting quite dim. We were starving and wanted to get stuck in to the food!), our waitress came back and took our orders. Both opting for burgers rather than ‘dogs’ (that’s what you came for, right?), with my mister ordering onion rings and myself ordering cheese fries – I couldn’t wait!

This is what we were greeted with…


Your food arrives on a sharing tray (again, I thought this was wicked) looking mouth-wateringly delicous! Dribbling already? Well, here’s a few close ups…


the oh so tastey, cheese fries!
the oh so tastey, cheese fries!

Grab a kleenex and wipe up that saliva, guys! I can’t say I blame you, it really was that good!!

I’ve ranted and raved about numerous burger places before boasting about how this is “the best burger I have ever tasted”, and I am about to say it again. This time though, I can honestly say I have never tasted a burger with so much flavour in it. Every bite was heaven! The cheese fries were a delight! I’m a lover of cheese – I think you guys know this from a previous post I put up of when I’ve visited Zizzi’s many times before… (that melted cheese dip still makes my mouth water at the very thought… Oops!) Gorgeous, gooey cheese encased around delicious french fries – it’s safe to say I was in my element! You’ve seen the photo – I dare you to disagree.

I’ve found myself to become somewhat of a foodie lately. Eating out is something I genuinely look forward to. No matter how convincing I was earlier stating that I most definitely am not one of those “sad people that spends a certain amount of time a day googling restaurants and their menus simply because food is constantly on your mind” – you mean I didn’t fool you in the first place? Damn! Yes, I am one of those people and I enjoy it. I’ve come up with what I call a “hit list” of restaurants that I am dying to visit – safe to say, I can finally cross MEATliqour off my list!

Of course I just had to end my day off well with a gorgeously smooth peanut butter and banana milkshake, courtesy of Ed’s Diner!


It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’ve enjoyed my post and now fancy you’re own visit, here’s the website for MEATliqour –
Or for those “vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian or shy and reserved” types I mentioned earlier, here’s the Ed’s Diner menu –

Happy Munching!


2 thoughts on “MEAT & nothing but!

  1. I’m literally on my way to central right now and I was hungry before, but now I’m starving! I think everyone on the train can hear my stomach haha! I’m totally going to be checking this out 🙂 was the food particularly pricey? X

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