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Hi guys,

So I love eating out at restaurants. Love, love, LOVE it! My friend would always say to me when we would go out that she would later write about the food we enjoyed on her blog. Since I love going out for dinner so much I thought I would write about some of the places I have been to recently.

Here we go!
First up is….

Five Guys, Kingston!
I don’t usually go crazy over burger places if I’m honest. I enjoy GBK & Byron just as much as the next person, but I don’t tend to go out of my way to head to a burger joint when eating out. However, I had seen so many photos of the food served in Five Guys, whether that be from American branches or some of the newly opened ones in the UK, that I felt ridiculously excited to try it for myself! A friend of mine went a few weeks before me and told me it was “the most amazing burger you will ever eat”,  this only fuelled my excitement further, “but make sure you order the mini burger” she told me. So, on my first visit to Five Guys in Kingston I ordered a mini cheese and bacon burger with lettuce and mayonaise and shared a side of fries with my boyfriend. My friend wasn’t lying or exaggerating, it really was the best burger I had tasted. I’m a cheese lover, so the cheese oozing out of the juicy pattie was pure heaven for me. For all you non-foodies out there, my boyfriend felt the same way about the food, so I’m not being over the top here, I promise. Aside from the delicious food, if you order a refillable fizzy drink you will be greeted with the drinks machine which boasts over 100 different flavours from the Coca-Cola family. I tried raspberry Fanta – yum! The only downside is that this choice of food is only allowed on the mother of all cheat days. The calories are sky high! Although, if I wasn’t dieting I wouldn’t think twice about heading back there the following weekend!!

Next up is…

The Real Greek, Westfield Shepherd’s Bush!
I have never eaten Greek food before so was especially looking forward to trying this restaurant. As per before I go anywhere I browsed the menu at work the previous day. I saw a number of dishes that I was keen to try which is always good! The Real Greek offers a range of meze dishes – like Spanish tapas, only Greek. They recommend that you order 2-3 dishes per person and share out what you’ve got. I ordered a halloumi and vegetable skewer (the veg included roasted peppers and courgettes) and beef meatballs in a Greek yoghurt dressing with a side of new potatoes. Despite the fact that we waited 45 minutes to be served, the food was delicious! My friend ordered pork belly as part of her meal and unfortunately it was served to us pretty much luke-warm. We told the waitress about this, all she did was apologise and ask if she could get it “re-heated” for us. We declined and she said she would get the manager to speak to us. When the manager came over he gave us his most sincere apologies and offered us a fresh dish completely free of charge, which (of course) we accepted. Once the replacement dish was brought out we could seriously taste the difference. The original dish was nice but not a patch on how we could now see it was meant to taste. The only other downside was that we had practically finished our meals before my friend’s side order of fries were brought to the table, despite us repeatedly being told it would only take a further “1 minute”. I wouldn’t let those two hiccoughs put me off though. I can’t wait to go again and try a different dish!

The last one for today is…

Bubbleology, Westfield Stratford City.
I had been wanting to try Bubbletea for so, so long. So when I arranged to go to Westfield in Stratford with my friend I knew I wouldn’t be leaving until I had got one. Before leaving we made our way to the Bubbleology stand and were greeted with an extremely long queue. As I said, I had been wanting to try it for absolutely ages so regardless of the queue, we waited. My friend and I both deciced on a mix of white peach and mango. For anybody that doesn’t know, Bubbletea is a fruit flavoured tea which can be served either hot or cold with chewy, natural tapioca balls that you suck up through a very big straw. Personally, the tapioca balls didn’t agree with my friend or myself 😦 I couldn’t pierce them with my teeth whatsoever and they don’t particularly taste of anything. I felt a little let down if I’m honest. The fruit teat flavours however, were lovely!

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a good read! If you go to any of these places let me know your thoughts!
Thanks for reading 🙂

Leanne xo


white peach and mango bubbletea
Five Guys raspberry Fanta
Five Guys
Five Guys cheese, bacon, lettuce and mayo burger!
Five Guys!
our meze dishes from The Real Greek
our meze dishes from The Real Greek



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