Falling Off The Wagon

I’m very much aware I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon and have neglected my writing and dedication to the blog. Rest assured, there is a good reason for this and my love of writing and sharing my thoughts with you all has definitely not faded.


The Cursed Child: Part 2

Friday night was very exciting. I know everyone loves FriYay – you’ve finished work for the week, have a few drinks, look forward to relaxing or partying or generally doing whatever the hell you please on the weekend with no time restrictions of being out on a ‘school night’. We all love a good FriYay.

August Bank Holiday Shenanigans

Why can’t every weekend be 3 days long? Surely everyone would be so much happier if that were the case, don’t you agree? For once us Brits celebrated a Bank Holiday weekend that wasn’t wet or windy (well, not too much anyway!). The most part of it stayed dry and relatively pleasant. So, how did I celebrate my elongated weekend in the sun? I’m so glad you asked…

The Cursed Child

June 1995, a young woman with a talent for writing had a dream of gifting the world with a magical story. Joanne Rowling was on a mission to get her first novel published. After being knocked back by twelve publishing houses, Bloomsbury took a chance and allowed Joanne Rowling’s dream to become a reality. While she was obviously proud of her work (and very rightly so), I don’t think she expected the worldwide phenomenon that it would incur.